The First Grand Forks Airport

The first airport in Grand Forks was located just southeast of where the intersection of Highway 2 and Interstate 29 is now. Some historical articles dating back to 1928 are published on a third party website here.

1964-2014 – GFK’s 50 Year Anniversary

The airport celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary on August 18, 2014. ¬†View a copy of the event’s¬†special newspaper section published in the Grand Forks Herald.

Midboe Collection

In May of 2007, the Airport Authority received scanned copies of a collection of newspaper articles donated to the Chester Fritz Library by past airport manager Norman Midboe, who was employed by the Grand Forks airport from 1942 to 1984. The photos above were also donated by Norman Midboe, with the exception of the first photo, which came from Lynn Vreeland of Grand Forks.

Use these links to view the Midboe Collection.

GFK History from 1959 to 1968.pdf (37 MB)
GFK History from 1968 to 1984.pdf (60 MB)

Byron L. Dorgan Terminal

The Byron L. Dorgan Terminal construction began on July 2, 2009 and was opened for business on August 30, 2011. The building was dedicated on August 10th with U.S. Senator Byron L. Dorgan (ret.) as an honored guest and speaker for the dinner that followed. Watch his speech and others on the video below. Related videos are available on the Airport’s YouTube channel.

The Airport Authority

In May 1987, a Joint Resolution of Grand Forks County and the City of Grand Forks authorized a resolution for what is now the Grand Forks Regional Airport Authority. Under the auspices of the Authority, GFK grew into one of the busiest airports of the region.


There is much history within the Authority’s meeting minutes – available on our document page.


Our old airport newsletters included current events and spotlights on various airport businesses and employees. Click the link below to view the PDF combining the 18 newsletters issued between 2006 and 2011. Note: Links within this document may no longer be valid. 2006-2011 Newsletters