Airport Facts & Stats

Airport Facts

Airport Identifier Code – GFK

Location – 4.8 miles west of Grand Forks, North Dakota on Highway 2

Elevation – 845 ft.

Airlines – Delta Air Lines, Allegiant

Vehicle parking – 1087

The Byron L. Dorgan Terminal has approximately 50,000 sq. ft. with 2 gates.

Governed by the Grand Forks Regional Airport Authority, a public, non-profit organization established pursuant to a joint resolution between Grand Forks County and the City of Grand Forks. The Authority consists of a 7-member board of commissioners appointed by the Grand Forks Mayor and the Grand Forks County Commission.

Airport Specifications

General Aviation Runways

7L/35R 3900 ft. long x 75 ft. wide
9R/27L 3300 ft. long x 60 ft. wide

Air Carrier Runways

17R/35L 7349 ft. long x 150 ft. wide
9L/27R 4206 ft. long x 100 ft. wide

Cargo Aprons (for lease)

400 ft. long x 225 ft. wide
700 ft. long x 350 ft. wide

Airport Diagram

Airport Enplanements

The number of passengers boarding commercial aircraft at GFK, including charters.

Historical Enplanements

June 2020
June 2019
2019 Comparison

 Airport Operations

The number of take-offs and landings at GFK, mainly pilot training at UND Aerospace.

GFK is often ranked in the top 20 of the nation's busiest airports.

Historical Operations

May 2020
May 2019
2019 Comparison

COVID-19 significantly impacted the number of hours student pilots were able to fly in early 2020, with all flights being temporarily cancelled.