Airport Parking

As you're heading north on Airport Drive, you'll notice a loop that wraps around the pay parking lots in front of the terminal. This road turns into a one-way street as you approach the front of the terminal, and on your left, you'll see the parking lot entrances for Lots A & B, on both the north and south ends.

To enter the lots, drive through your preferred entrance and stop at the gate arm. Pull a ticket from the kiosk and the gate arm will rise. Keep that ticket in a safe place so you have it when you are ready to exit.


Both lots are for short and long term parking, and the first 30 minutes are free for people dropping off or picking up passengers. After 30 minutes the cost to park is $1 per half hour and the lots have daily and weekly maximums as follows:

Lot A - $10/day or $60/week

Lot B - $8/day or $48/week


To exit Lots A and B, drive east toward the parking booth and choose between the paying at the attended booth or kiosk in the credit card lane.

Lot C is on the east side of Airport Drive and is open only during our peak months. The rates are the same as Lot B, and you exit with a credit card only.


GFK's pay parking lots are patrolled 24/7, and the parking booth is attended for about 20 hours on most days - from 90 minutes before the first departure until 30 minutes after the last arrival.


Parking for extended periods during a North Dakota winter can cause your car to have trouble starting. We are unable to provide electrical outlets for your block heaters, but check with the parking booth attendant if you need to borrow a battery booster pack or find phone numbers for service stations. Their phone number is (701) 772-0090.

Parking Lots Aerial View