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T-Hangar Project 2022

2022 T-Hangar Project

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GFK Airport ranked 12th busiest in the country in 2021

Herald Article – GFK 12th busiest in 2021

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2021 Commercial Service Airport of the Year

Press Release – 2021 Commercial Service Airport of the Year

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Submit your GFK Photos!

Submitted by Matt Snell, Airport Operations Specialist GFK is proud and fortunate to be the home of UND Aerospace. Many of the students that receive their education here are avid picture takers and we’ve had some awesome photos submitted.  If you’d like to submit yours, either email it to or just click here and…

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Follow our Intern!

Korissa’s Blog: See Y’all Later

This last year has gone by so fast, but I am grateful to have been the intern at GFK. Every day has been fun and I learned so much to take onto my professional career.

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GFK Triennial Emergency Exercise

  Every 3 years, the Grand Forks International Airport conducts a large-scale emergency exercise that is reviewed and monitored by the FAA. Airports must complete a triennial exercise as part of their compliance with FAA regulations. Our triennial Emergency Drill on September 18th was a great success. There were several improvements already implemented to improve…

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Korissa’s Blog: ARFF Training

The GFK ARFF Department 🧑🏻‍🚒 conducts training once a month on a whole bunch of topics to keep our airport safe✈️ Over the last year, the department has completed a variety of trainings from simple fire extinguishers to a large scale disaster drill🚒 #FlyGFK

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Korissa’s Blog: The Rodinator

Watch as our Intern experiences the Rodinator! Fun Friday with Maintenance while keeping the airfield free of critters!

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Korissa’s Blog: Firehose Bowling!

How do firefighter train and have fun at the same time? Go bowling with fire hoses! As you can see, I am super excited to hit the pins, cause there was about 25 tries before this!

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Korissa’s Blog: Airfield Inspections

One of the coolest opportunities I get as an intern, is that sometimes I get to cover 24 hour shifts for the full-time employees if they are gone. Covering a 24 hour shift gives me a ton of experience and the responsibilities just as a full-time GFK Operations/ARFF Specialist. Our department is open 24/7 with…

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Korissa’s Blog: Attending the AAAE Annual Conference

The American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) is the world’s largest professional organization for airport executives. AAAE’s 6,500 individual members represent over 875 airports across America and 560 members represent countless companies and organizations that support airports. Over the years, since the organization’s birth in 1928, AAAE has grown into an organization that delivers a…

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Korissa’s Blog: Painting at GFK

Have you ever looked at a runway and wondered why it’s painted the way that it is? Runways, Taxiways, and Aprons all have different paint requirements including what type of lines, reflectivity beads imbedded in the paint, width of the spray, and the color. Runways markings are always white, taxiways have yellow paint, and apron…

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Korissa’s Blog: Crack Sealing at GFK

When you think of North Dakota, most people immediately think of cold. Freezing temperatures, blinding winds, and months of snowstorms are common occurrences here. Extreme weather has a long-term effect on pavement, and here at GFK, we have a lot of pavement! The cold weather causes the ground to contract when it freezes, and in…

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Airport History

For a complete list of our History posts, visit our History page.

2016 – ARFF Building Opens

A ribbon cutting ceremony to formally open the Airport’s new fire station was held on May 4th, 2016. The new Aircraft Rescue  and Firefighting (ARFF) facility replaces a 25-year-old station and is a 17,185 sq. ft., one story structure built to accommodate crew and equipment, including living quarters that feature a commercial-style kitchen, lounge area,…

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2014 – GFK’s 50 Year Anniversary

The airport celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary on August 18, 2014. Click here to view a copy of the event’s special newspaper section published in the Grand Forks Herald. Patrick Dame was the Executive Director of the Grand Forks Regional Airport Authority during this 50th Anniversary Celebration. Below is a transcript of his speech, followed by…

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2014 – Stephen Rucinski Maintenance Center Dedication

Stephen M. “Skip” Rucinski, age 66, passed away on January 19, 2013. Skip joined the Grand Forks Airport in 1970, and had been the longest serving employee at the airport at the time, 43 years. Skip’s knowledge of the airfield and its facilities was legendary, and he has been missed. Around the time of his…

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2011 – Byron L. Dorgan Terminal Construction

The Byron L. Dorgan Terminal construction began on July 2, 2009 and was opened for it’s first arrival on August 29, 2011. Photos and videos of the construction project and celebratory events are in album tabs below. Moved In The Byron L. Dorgan Terminal received its first arrival on the evening of August 29th and…

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2009 – Honor Flight

Northern Valley Honor Flight – September 25 & 26, 2009 Written by Barb Zavala, Northern Valley Honor Flight Chair The Northern Valley Honor Flight, based out of Grand Forks, ND, recently completed its second trip sending a total of 198 WWII veterans, between the two flights, to Washington, DC. The trip, which was completely free…

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1959-84 Norman Midboe Historical Collection

A very important part of our airport’s history is a man named Norman Midboe (1922-2015). Mr. Midboe started working for the Grand Forks Airport in 1941 at age 19, and became manager in 1961. He was at the helm until he retired 23 years later in 1984. His leadership brought many changes to the airport,…

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1928-31 The First Grand Forks Airport

The first airport in Grand Forks was located just southeast of where the intersection of Highway 2 and Interstate 29 is now.

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