The Stephen Rucinski Maintenance Center

2014 – Stephen Rucinski Maintenance Center Dedication

Stephen M. "Skip" Rucinski, age 66, passed away on January 19, 2013. Skip joined the Grand Forks Airport in 1970, and had been the longest serving employee at the airport at the time, 43 years. Skip's knowledge of the airfield and its facilities was legendary, and he has been missed. Around the time of his death, the Airport Authority was in the beginning stages of planning to build a new maintenance center/snow removal equipment (SRE) storage building, and it was a natural decision to name the building after him. There is so much to say about Skip, and a lot of it is told in the front page article in the Grand Forks Herald (2/13/13) and his obituary (1/21/13), link here.

In August of 2014, we celebrated the grand opening of the building, and enjoyed seeing Skip's family walk through it and meeting with Skips "other" family. See the photos below.