Badge Audit/Renewal Procedures

Each year you will receive an email notification from the badging office with instructions to bring your badge in for either an audit or a renewal (alternating years). Both types of appointments require you to bring two forms of ID as described in Step 2 above.

Audits will be conducted during a 30 day period in the interim year of the airport’s two year badge cycle. Fees will apply if the badge has to be reprinted due to damages listed on Section 5 (Badge Holder’s Responsibilities) of your signed badge application.

Renewals are conducted every two years during the 30 days before your badge expiration date. Badge Re-Issue Fees will apply.

Audit and Renewal Appointments

  • Badge holders must appear in person at the badging office with the following in hand:
    • Your airport badge and also your FOB if you were issued one
    • 2 unexpired forms of government issued identification (see Step 2 above)
    • Current proof of vehicle insurance, if your vehicle is driven on the airfield
  • Badge holders will review their original application to make updates as needed
  • SIDA badge holders will have their fingerprints resubmitted per new TSA regulations
    • Airline employees only: You must provide a new certification letter from your company

Failure to Renew or Return

  • Your badge will be deactivated if your badge has not been audited or renewed by the deadline date specified on your notification (one year before your badge expiration date for audits; and the badge’s expiration date for renewals)
  • A $50 reactivation fee will be assessed if you missed your audit or renewal deadline
  • After a 15-day grace period, renewals will no longer be accepted and all outstanding badges will be considered lost and a $75 lost badge fee will be assessed
    • If a badge is still required, the badging process will need to be restarted including payment of associated fees
    • If you no longer need your badge it still must be returned