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Badge Application/Replacement Procedures
Badge Fees
Badge Renewal
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Badge Application Procedures

AOA/SIDA Application

To obtain AOA/SIDA badge contact a company signatory or Airport Operations at (701)795-6984.

I-9 Documentation Information
FAQ Access Card/Key
Aviation Ramp Access Procedure Important: Must be read prior to application.
Alien Flight School Fingerprint Request Important: Must be hand delivered to Airport Operations.

Badge Replacement Procedures

If you lose your badge, report the loss immediately by calling Airport Operations at (701)795-6984.

Replacement of Lost Badges

Submit a properly completed and signed Lost Badge Form available at the Badging Office. Pay a lost badge fee of $75 (1st time), $100 (2nd time), $500 (3rd time). If you later locate the lost badge (within 60 days of lost date), you can return it to the Badging Office for a refund minus a badge re-issue fee, to be sent to you via U.S. mail (no refunds are given in person at the Badging Office).

You must present one form of government-issued photo identification when you apply for a replacement badge. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must present valid INS documentation.

Replacement of Broken or Damaged Badges

You can replace a damaged or broken badge at the Badging Office for a $15.00 re-issue fee, if this badge has not been damaged due to reasons listed on card handling procedures form that you signed with your badge application. Otherwise a $25.00 damage fee will be required.